About Global Pet Alert

Global Pet Alert is a free service to all pet owners. When your pet is missing you have only one wish and that’s to inform your surroundings as quick as possible. And this is the reason why we have developed Global Pet Alert. With Global Pet Alert you can inform your surroundings within a few minutes about your missing pet. You can send the Alert directly from the location where your pet is lost when you use the mobile application. People in your surroundings will get the Alert directly on their mobile phone.

It works very fast and easy! After signing up, you can create profiles of all your pets. Once your pet is missing you can immediately send an alert via the Alert Button in the app or website.

  1. Select the profile of your missing pet
  2. Customize time and date if necessary
  3. Select the missing location by map or use the “here” or “home” button.
  4. Send the alert (button in the right-hand corner)

The people in your immediate area then get the alert instantly on their phone or by mail if they have signed in via the website. Global Pet Alert uses GPS for sending the Alert so you can always select the exact location even if there are no streets (park, dunes, beach etc.)